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What kind of service can I expect from M.K. and Associates, Inc.?

At M.K. and Associates it is our goal to build long-term relationships with both our clients and applicants.  We take the time to learn the exact qualifications and requirements you are looking for and scan the marketplace accordingly.  We offer help coordinating interviews and travel arrangements.  All you have to do is decide who to hire!

We are experts at helping our clients attract, hire, and retain top talented people.  We bring a very consultative approach.  The more you embrace M.K. and Associates as an extension of your company and maintain an open dialogue throughout the process, the better your results. 

Will I have to sort through a pile of resumes?

Our recruiters pre-screen and pre-qualify all candidates, before you even see a resume.  We may talk with hundreds of people before you see the select group of resumes that meet your specific requirements.  More importantly, the resumes you do receive are from qualified individuals.

Do you check references?

Yes, with candidate permission, we check references.  More importantly, most of our candidates come to us by referral from someone we know in the industry, so we have a less biased perspective than a traditional reference check.  Conventional reference checking is generally just a chance to get to know candidates better.   We always encourage our clients to do as much reference and background checking as they need to feel confident in their hiring decision.

Why should I use M.K. and Associates, Inc. over advertising and/or another recruiting firm?

Filling open positions takes valuable time and energy.  Time and energy that you don’t have.  Advertising is a shot in the dark, at best.  Not only is it costly, it is very inefficient.  You spend time wading through piles of useless resumes; resumes of unqualified candidates.  Sure, there are lots of recruiters out there.  Why not work with a firm that specializes in the Food Industry?  At M.K. and Associates we know the industry and we know the people.  We have been building our nationwide network since 1990.  Tell us what you want and we will know where to go and find them.

What types of candidates can I expect from M.K. and Associates, Inc?

M.K. and Associates recruits the best available candidates.  While from time to time, good candidates find themselves unemployed, we focus significant resources on recruiting passive candidates.  Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and reasonably happy but open to a better career situation.  History has shown that the best and the brightest are never unemployed for very long.

For a complete list of the types of positions we fill, check out our Practice Areas

How does M.K. and Associates, Inc find candidates?

Our team actively networks in the Food Industry on an ongoing basis.  We are food industry insiders and have been building our network of Food Industry professionals since 1990.  When you engage M.K. and Associates for your search, you are tapping into our huge active network.

How do I, as the employer, interact with the candidates provided?

Our job is to facilitate all communication.  We work to streamline the process while still allowing you and your candidates to build rapport.  You can communicate with the candidates as much and as often as you like.  You will get the best result by utilizing M.K. and Associates as the conduit for all your communication.