Service Options

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Resume Service:

Resume sourcing to find qualified candidates according to the company’s job profile

Much more successful than running ads

Reaches passive candidates as well as active

M.K. and Associates paid only when our candidate is hired

Due to multiple sources in competition, we do not share hiring company name, location, and job details until after candidates are presented. This prohibits extensive networking.

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Consultative Hybrid:

Offers the commitment of retained search and the incentive of contingency

Exclusivity provides the necessary security to share the hiring company and position details as selling points to candidates

Allows for extensive networking

More effectively reaches passive candidates as well as active

Leverage company benefits to candidates

Enables research to learn hiring company reputation in marketplace

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Full Service Hiring

Full service consulting

Saves employers time

After we work with our client to establish what they are looking for, we handle everything

Screen down to the top three candidates to present to client company for interview

Throughout the search, we collect data and offer insight on the open position, the market, and the top eligible candidates

M.K. and Associates in paid in full whether the client chooses to fill the position or not.


M.K. and Associates offers three different avenues of services for our client companies to choose from. No matter which route is chosen, the core of our quality and service remains the same.

In every M.K. and Associates search:

Establish Job Description

Search for Qualified Candidates

Screen Candidates

Set up Interview

Prepare Client and Candidates for Interview

Check References

Present Offers

Collect Data for Search (salaries - what other companies are paying; why candidates are, or are not interested; what the competition is hiring; learn market’s perception of the company’s reputation)

For each search, we spend time in discussion with the hiring managers to determine the details of the job description. We search for qualified candidates, leveraging our extensive network of professional connections and search techniques, and screen them according to our client’s criteria.

After connecting with the best candidates, we present them to the hiring managers and coordinate interviews with those they desire to pursue. We prep both the client and candidate for the interviews.

We also act as liaison to present offers. Throughout the search process, we collect useful data on the company and greater market. How this information is applied to the search depends upon how the client company chooses to engage with our services.

Please contact us to discuss our service options and learn what is best for you.