Our Process

Engaged Exclusive


Getting There Faster!

M.K. and Associates, Inc. is a full service professional search firm.  We offer a very consultative approach with our unique Engage Exclusive option.  If you want a recruiter to “just send resumes and leave you alone,” we are not the right firm for you!  If you want a search firm that will stick with you every step of the way, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to make the process easy and the hiring decision a tough choice among several strong candidates.

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Defining the Search

  • Value Proposition

Establishing the unique qualities of your company that will attract high caliber talent

  • Job Description

Developing the measures by which you define success in job performance

  • Urgency

Understanding what pain you are experiencing as a result of this opening

  • Search Parameters

Developing a clear picture of the desired ideal candidate

  • Search Strategy

Identifying where to find the top-talented passive candidates with a track record for achieving your defined key performance objectives

  • Canvasing the Market

Leveraging the strength of our network

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The Selection Process

  • Identifying the Best Candidates

Establishing the availability of those candidates closest to your ideal.

Who is out there? Who is interested?

  • Vetting the Candidates

Consolidating the short list that best matches your ideal

  • Presenting Top Candidates

No stacks of resumes for you to read, We present the strongest candidates for you to consider for interviews

  • Arranging Interviews

Everyone is busy, let us coordinate the schedules

  • Preparing Before Interviews

Our preparation with clients and candidates makes for a more productive interview

  • Debriefing After Interviews

There are “three sides to every story.” Client perception vs. Candidate perception vs. What really happened. We help you sort it all out.

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Closing & On-Boarding

  • Identifying Your Finalist

If we have done our job well to this point, you will have a tough choice to make! We help you work out your options.

  • Facilitating the Offer Process

Many placements fall apart in the absence of a mediator. We are here as your liaison for clear and beneficial offer negotiations.

  • Closing the Deal

Getting the commitment for the placement, we get everyone’s “yes”

  • Facilitating the On-Boarding

Making sure your new working relationship gets off on the right foot

  • Monitoring Through Guarantee Period

Ensuring both client and candidate are pleased with the placement

Everyone can use a little reassurance that things are staying on track