What is a Passive Candidate?

A passive candidate is someone happily employed and doing well in their current position. They are not actively job searching. Passive candidates are ones who would be interested in a career-advancing opportunity if it presented itself, but they are not necessarily seeking it out.

Are you a Passive Candidate?

When does someone advertise that they are looking for a new job? When they are unemployed! Other than that, most people do not publicly announce that they are interested in or seeking new opportunities. Close friends and family may be aware if someone is looking to make a change, but often not many beyond that. People who would jump on the right chance to advance their careers, but are not on the job hunt are passive candidates.

Networking with M.K. and Associates

At M.K. and Associates, we are constantly networking to cultivate relationship with both active and passive candidates. We seek to identify the best in the industry and learn what kind of opportunities would excite them. We think of our role not just as placing candidates in a job opening, but rather connecting great people with great companies.

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